As a progressive political organization or candidate, you understand the need to win the battle of media messaging against big-money interests. Big Tentacle was created to do just that. We work with you and your team, to boil down the essence of your organization’s or candidate’s values to help your message rise above the tide to be seen and heard.

Where do we deliver your messaging? Across the media spectrum. Our creative work is made for television, radio, print and digital advertising in all forms to reach your audience quickly and effectively.

What topics do we address? In addition to candidate or PAC campaigns, we also create campaigns about climate and the environment, gay rights, and drug policy amongst other social issues. We also produce news stories and event-based media.

With over 25 years of experience creating persuasive messaging, we know how to make you get noticed. Our targeted concepts are designed to go far beyond standard service announcements. We cut through the clutter, provoke, engage, and become part of the cultural conversation.

Become one of our selected clients. Call 917 887-4365 or email ben @ and tell us what you need.

For Agencies

We enjoy partnering and collaborating with other agencies on Blue Wave campaigns. So whether your agency needs a creative boost, or you are looking for a referral partner – or an arrangement in-between – let us help. Contact Ben today at 917-887-4365 or send us a message using the Contact form.